"Months later, I find myself still making changes in dating. The workshop helped me take a more positive approach to dating AND gave me new tools to do so. I am enjoying dating in the city for the first time!" - Lisa, NYC

My participation in the Single and Dating in the City Workshop made me realize, that I hadn't made my social life a priority, and that if I wanted it to improve, I had to think about it and work on it! – Natalie, Manhattan

Before I enrolled in the workshop I felt like "maybe something is wrong with me." I never get approached by men, I do not date, and I feel a little unattractive. I received an email regarding the workshop and a spark of lightning hit me and I said," Yes this is what I need to get things moving and hopefully in a positive direction". After the first meeting I felt so confident, and empowered!!!! I was going to take on a new attitude about dating and finding my companion. Hopefully with this new attitude and the grace of GOD something good will happen. Thank you Dr. Murphy!!!! –Pat, Harlem, NY